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The bra bulge is one of the most common complaints women have about their bodies. Because an unsightly bra bulge can leave you feeling uncomfortable about your appearance, you can undergo WarmSculpting™ with SculpSure® non-invasive body contouring treatments at the office of Bruce P. Lawrence, MD, in Oakland, California. Book your bra bulge removal consultation online or by calling the office directly to schedule.

Bra Bulge Removal Q & A

What causes a bra bulge?

A bra bulge leads to an overspill of fat and skin that can make you feel self-conscious, often because it affects how your clothes fit you. Though the dreaded bra bulge is most commonly associated with being overweight, you can also have it for a variety of other reasons, including:

  • Inherited traits that affect fat deposits
  • Naturally loose or lax skin
  • Hormonal fluctuations

Whether you have just a minor bra bulge or a more defined bulge, one thing’s for sure: you probably want it gone. Fortunately, with WarmSculpting with SculpSure treatments, you can smooth out your upper back and get rid of that bra bulge for good.

How does bra bulge removal work?

Bra bulge removal with the SculpSure platform involves applying unique applicator devices to your upper back. As they’re held in place with an adjustable strap, the paddles deliver waves of warm energy through your skin, deep into your underlying adipose tissue. 

As fat cells are gradually warmed, their chemical structure becomes compromised, and they break apart. Over time, your body flushes out these destroyed fat particles, and your upper back smooths out naturally. 

Are bra bulge removal treatments painful?

Not at all. At the office of Bruce P. Lawrence, MD, you can expect to undergo a bra bulge removal treatment that’s comfortable; you can read a book or work on your tablet during your treatment. 

The SculpSure system is highly advanced. Even though it does deliver waves of heat energy, it runs on cycles. Just as the heat intensifies, a cooling cycle sets in to minimize discomfort and prevent pain. 

How many bra bulge removal treatments do I need?

A single bra bulge removal treatment from the office of Bruce P. Lawrence, MD, can destroy up to 24% of targeted fat cells. But sometimes, fat is stubborn, or you have more concentrated fat stores. In these cases, Dr. Lawrence could recommend two or three monthly WarmSculpting with SculpSure sessions to help you achieve your body goals.

If you have a bra bulge you’d like to smooth out, Bruce P. Lawrence, MD, can help. Find out more by booking a consultation over the phone today.

Individual results may vary.